Rapid Recall

Does your dog come back when called?

This workshop will help you learn some fun games to play with your dog to improve your recall


Loose Lead Walking

Another common problem among the pet dog community, with the Loose Lead workshop you will learn some fun and engaging methods to help teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead



Teaching your dog tricks is not only fun, but can also help strengthen the bond with your dog and in turn help with all kinds of general behavioural issues at the same time.


Clicker Skills

Do you want to learn how to train your dog with a clicker?

Clicker skills workshops help to improve your skills as a trainer and improves the communication between handler and dog.



This workshop will teach you all the basic tricks that you need to teach your dog some amazingly helpful tasks!

Would you like Fido to fetch you a beer, or your slippers? Turn out the light, or shut the door to stop the draft?

This is the basics of where to start!


The Real Dog Yoga / Canine Calmness

Real Dog Yoga is all about creating a calm relaxed learning environment, encouraging choice in learning, instilling calmness and building a handler / dog bond.


WSDA (World Scent Dog Association)

Beginner workshops to set you off on the road to competing in WSDA competitions. These workshops will give you the starting points for teaching your dog 'active searches' and 'passive indications'. Scent work is great for mental and physical exercise for your dog, and you will be amazed how tired they are after a short session searching for a scent! 



Mantrailing is a great way to learn more about your dog, build your bond and improve your understanding of how your dog works. Mantrailing is all about teaching people and dogs to work together to follow a trail of a specific scent to locate the missing person. There is a progressoin process with assessments which can level you up to a level 3 partnership, and lots of variety in working environments and scenarios


Disc Dogs 

Workshops available and taster sessions of Disc Dog Training - either K9 Frisbee Uk - Toss & Fetch or FreeDisc - dancing to music with your dog as an authorised trainer for the UKDDA (UK Disc Dog Association) Disc Dogs is great mental and physical stimulation for your dog! Teaching a variety of throws, tricks and handling techniques to ensure that you are able to put together great routines and show off with your dog


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