We Currently have the following classes:

Pet Behave Course

This is our basic obedience training course, where you will learn plenty of exercises to ensure that you are well on the way to having a well behaved pet dog


Pet Behave Classes

If you have completed the pet behave course and are looking for a fun class to help with socialisation of your dog, build on those all important manners and life skills this class is for you!


Trick Classes

Each month we have a Trick of the Month where we focus on teaching that behaviour for the month!

There are lots of elements to each trick and exercises are adapted for all skill levels to ensure that everyone has plenty to work on!


UK Sniffer Dogs - Scent detection course

This is a 6 week course aimed at teaching you the basics of scent detection - each handler and dog are given exercises based on their personal skill levels and dogs are taught to detect a number of scents


Mantrailing Training 

Once you have completed one of our Introduction courses you are able to attend our weekly mantrailing training sessions, where you will learn the skills required to work your dog in a search for a missing person 


Disc Dogs

Disc dogs training can be either training for joining our Toss and Fetch league team to compete in the world wide league or working on your skills for Freestyle disc routines



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