About Dawn

Dawn has trained with TV Dog Trainer, Nando Brown to become an FFTT Instructor (Force Free Trick Trainer) and WSDA (World Scent Dog Association) green Instructor, became a FULL member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and also qualified as a Real Dog Yoga Instructor with TV Dog Trainer, Jo-Rosie Haffenden. 

Dawn also worked as a support trainer with Jo-Rosie and Nando on Channel 4's Rescue Dog to Super Dog in early 2016


Dawn has 5 dogs of her own and this is partly how she became a dog trainer in the first place.


Hollie is a reactive collie - she doesnt really like anything new, people or dogs she hasnt met before, so finding kind and gentle ways to help Hollie live as normal a life as possible became the mission, leading Dawn to discover Grisha Stewart and BAT and Nando Brown from In The Doghouse - where tricks became her passion and focus for fun learning with the dogs


Cooper a Pointer x Beagle is just a dream to train, he is a little shy around people but not aggressive like Hollie, he just likes to step back and check you out first!


Breeze was rescued from the streets of Romania and made her way to Dawn as a young 4 month old pup, she is a little reserved and doesnt really like anyone fussing her.


Sprocket is another collie - he was rescued from a farm as a failed sheep dog, who was destined for a very different end.


Teddy a toy poodle who was the little dog that was on Rescue Dog to Super Dog and is now living with Dawn and the gang



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